painting brick

Terry S
by Terry S
i polyurethaned over some brick many years ago. can that be painted over?
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  • Yes it can, but you need to clean the surface well and then using a wire brush go over the surface well to knock the glossy finish off before you paint.

  • Terry S Terry S on Feb 09, 2013
    thank you . remodeling basement and i really need to update . what type of paint?does it matter?

  • Really does not matter what type of paint you use, but I would suggest getting a better quality latex paint for the process. A think roller pad and perhaps some throw away brushes as the rough surface of the brick could wear the better brush bristles down.

  • Terry S Terry S on Feb 19, 2013
    thank you! have not decided for sure what to do with it but nice to know i can paint it . trying to update 90s basement and it started with removal of wallpaper border and grew from that .Imagine :)