Please help me identify this succulents

Amy Pomares
by Amy Pomares
I purchased these plants, but no one knows if they are truly succulents...
please help me identify this succulents, flowers, gardening, succulents
please help me identify this succulents, flowers, gardening, succulents
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  • 360 Sod (Donna Dixson) 360 Sod (Donna Dixson) on Sep 14, 2013
    Looks like Echiveria to me, but not sure which one.

  • Carole Carole on Sep 14, 2013
    I agree with Donna Dixson, probably Echeveria but there are many varieties. Does it put out a long stem with small flowers and if so, what colour are the flowers. That may help identify it. The other possibility is that it is a Graptopetalum or or Graptoveria which are similar to Echevaria. Both are succulents. The stems on the first photo are off putting though as they would normally be on a round fat stem that grows and produces more rosettes as the plant gets older. However, I have no doubt that it is a succulent. The second photo could be one of the larger Echeveria but also bears some resemblance to a Cotyledon. Again, another succulent. There is someone on Hometalk who posts under Drought Smart Plants and they could probably give you a better idea as to the identity.

    • Amy Pomares Amy Pomares on Sep 14, 2013
      @Carole Since these plants are new, I have never seen the flowers, but I'm satisfied with both answers. Thanks!

  • April E April E on Sep 16, 2013
    the first 1 is a echevaria the second is a member of the kalanchoe family

  • Fenya Kashergen Fenya Kashergen on Sep 16, 2013
    this is an old world succulent

  • Amy Pomares Amy Pomares on Sep 16, 2013
    I exactly don't know what you mean. I know that I have never seen it before. By any chance do you happen to know the region where it may come from?

  • April E April E on Sep 17, 2013
    Kalanchoe /ˌkæləŋˈkoʊ.iː/,[1] also written Kalanchöe or Kalanchoë, is a genus of about 125 species of tropical, succulent flowering plants in the family Crassulaceae, mainly native to the Old World. Only one species of this genus originates from the Americas, 56 from southern & eastern Africa and 60 species in Madagascar. It is also found in south-eastern Asia until China. Echeveria is a large genus of flowering plants in the Crassulaceae family, native to semi-desert areas of Central America, from Mexico to northwestern South America. The genus is named after the 18th century Mexican botanical artist Atanasio Echeverría y Godoy.

  • Amy Pomares Amy Pomares on Sep 17, 2013
    Thanks April, wish I had your knowledge about this marvelous plants since they never ceased to amaze me!