Problems with composting

by Kay
We r composting in tubs and now have nats and it smells bad. We r careful what we add to our tubs. One family member even has magots in hers. What r we doing wrong!!
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  • Rosemir Fadel Rosemir Fadel on Aug 13, 2013
    A composteira gera um líquido que é ótimo adubo por isso deve ter três compartimentos como exemplo aí vai um link: Para a banheira deve ser acrescentado terra por cima e precisa de tampa.

  • Becky P Becky P on Aug 13, 2013
    my compost bin does attract ants and roly polys. Never put meat scraps in it. I do egg shells, potato & carrot peelings, coffee grounds, etc., along with gardening waste.

  • Kay Kay on Aug 13, 2013
    We have never put any meat in ours either. Very disappointed in our project. From what I read many people were keeping them in their home in the winter. We could not do that with ours at this point! thanks for trying to help us. Hope we get other suggestions!

  • Becky P Becky P on Aug 13, 2013
    I put scraps into a butter tub, but had to put it out on the deck for the summer because of gnats. In the winter I keep it on the counter, and take it out to the compost pile every once in awhile. It did take a few years before I had usable compost. (but I don't turn it, could be why) (Check out my post on my page, about tilling it)

  • Catherine Smith Catherine Smith on Aug 13, 2013're overfeeding your worms. Add additional bedding material to your bins. i use shredded black and white newspaper. It will help absorb the moisture and the odor. And increase the length of time between feedings, they aren't gonna starve. You aren't doing anything wrong. Sometimes, you have to make some adjustments to get the bin in balance, but don't give up. I have 4 double stacked worm bins that are in my spare bedroom year round. Rollypollys are normal, they are also composters of a sort and are harmless. If your getting ants and gnats, again your adding too much food, so they're attracted to the bins. Becky, are you talking about regular compost or worm compost? If it's regular compost then yes, you do need to periodically turn it, sound like you're doing "cold" composting which is fine.

    • Kay Kay on Aug 14, 2013
      @Catherine Smith Thanks we will try that!

  • Becky P Becky P on Aug 14, 2013
    @Catherine, it's regular outside compost. But I am sure worms are welcome!

    • Catherine Smith Catherine Smith on Aug 14, 2013
      @ ah ha, well, you'll get worms, for them a compost bin is a 8 course banquet with all the trimmings. They just go down deep with the weather gets cold.

  • Peg Peg on Aug 14, 2013
    sounds like too much water is in the compost and you're having rot and decay opposed to organic break down. Does the compost tub have holes in them for air? Do you toss/stir it up? When you have a natural compost pile in the yard, excess water from rain will just seep into the ground. If you are making your compost in a bin and keep it outdoors, you need to have some way of excess water to get out.

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    • Kay Kay on Aug 14, 2013
      @Catherine Smith Thanks! Will try ur sugestions!

  • Kay Kay on Aug 14, 2013
    We put small holes in the sides and bottom. the directions said to put inside another tote to catch any liquid which will drain out. We haven't been stirring them. We also keep a lid on it. We were also directed to put wet newspaper in the bottom to keep all in it. If u can give us more info with ur experience we would certainly appreciate it Peg!

  • Kay Kay on Aug 14, 2013
    Catherine u r such a great help! Thank u! We will add shredded paper and less feeding and see if that helps. It is easy to get discouraged when u r new @ this. Plus I encouraged other family members to try it with me ! The worms r trying to crawl out of bins. Is that normal? I bought wiggler worms.

    • Catherine Smith Catherine Smith on Aug 14, 2013
      @Kay yes, they want you to bring them a boat. LOL That's an indication it's too wet in there. And red wigglers are the best. Night crawlers do not do well in a bin. Wrong environment for them. Just add the newspaper and give it some time to absorb, you can also use torn up newspaper as well. We've had to go to that since we killed the shredder and these new ones might be great for security, but the "confetti" just globs up, and makes a mess, so we just rip it up. Always glad to help, I do love my worms and am always willing to make more worm converts. LOL

  • Catherine Smith Catherine Smith on Aug 14, 2013
    @ Kay, you only need wetted newspaper when you are setting up a new tub. And you need to wring it out to just damp. As I mentioned earlier, the moisture is coming from your castings. Add additional dry newspaper to help absorb some of the moisture, it's ok to crack the lid slightly to help the bin continue to dry out, your worms aren't going anywhere.

  • Marie R Marie R on Feb 26, 2015
    I've never done compost inside. Interesting. Im sure adding the 'dry' stuff...I used my shredder all the time and that breaks down very nicely...gets rid of all that annoying paperwork.