Should I tackle floors or walls first? Does it matter?

Nancy T
by Nancy T
I enclosed a long thin upper deck which had sliders onto it from my master and another bedroom and turned it into a sunroom. It is not heated and still has the original deck floor and outside siding on it (and mansard roof shingles). I would like to refinish it and turn it into a 4 season room. My question is about order: should I start with the floors (I will need to insulate, level and then I would like to put in radiant heat floors), or do the wall first, remove the shingles? Any ideas?
I could really use some help.
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  • Heat and insulation first. Then depending on the floor covering walls next then floors, or other way around. But remember if you put floor down before walls, you need to protect it from dirt and scratches. If you can afford it foam the underside of the deck. This will give you the highest R value per inch and prevent any drafts from happening. Once done, consider installing a Mini Split AC and Heat system. it mounts on the wall or ceiling its easy to install and will provide both the comfort in winter as well as coolness in summer.

  • In general you should work from top to bottom, that way you are not fighting gravity the entire time.

  • LandlightS LandlightS on Jan 13, 2012
    In terms of the floor, do all the prep work including the radiant heat work and stop at the sub-floor. Do the finished floor treatment last. Have fun