Sure I prime plastic window gride before I paint it? Or is painting it with a plastic panit be ok.

Steve B
by Steve B
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  • This answer is best answered by the paint choice your using. Some plastic paints do not require any special primers, others do. The most important thing that you must do, which you most likely do anyway. Is to clean and slightly ruff up the surface with a Scotchbrite pad to provide adhesion for the paint, regardless if you prime or not.

  • Paul M Paul M on Dec 01, 2011
    The best thing to use is vinyl dye, not paint. And if you use the dye you can get that at any auto parts store, no priming required. Your parts just need to be clean and debris free.

  • Steve B Steve B on Dec 01, 2011
    Thanks big help

  • Peace Painting Co., Inc. Peace Painting Co., Inc. on Dec 01, 2011
    Plastic does need a primer for plastic; two coats of finish paint will stick, until it is disturbed. CP