I need ideas to finish a new basement that is bare?

by Suzanne
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  • What is installed so far? Can you post a photo?

  • Seth Seth on Jan 22, 2019


    If this is a brand new foundation for a new house/condo, the answer starts with what was done to insulate and waterproof the foundation on the outside. Were rigid foam panels used on the outside walls and under the foundation? Was a waterproofing membrane applied? Is there a perimeter drain system? The other thing you did not mention is if this space is set up for being heated and cooled as part of you HVAC system. Before you jump into finishing the space, you might want to wait a couple of seasons to determine the humidity level and if you will have any water intrusion after periods of heavy rain and/or snowmelt. You can start by taping a piece of tin foil to each of the walls and sealing the edges with tape. Wait a week and check for condensation on the foil. You can also buy an inexpensive hygrometer, which will measure temperature and humidity. Basement finishing is about moisture management, thermal break insulation, and materials that will last and not become moldy over time. Check out this link:


    • Suzanne Suzanne on Jan 24, 2019

      We moved in a year ago to brand new home ,,,not all homes are done yet,,,we have had no problems yet,,,there are only a few of us who did not get basements done ,,,we did not because budget and yes to make sure everything was all right,,,,thank you for your advise,,,,

  • Seth Seth on Jan 24, 2019

    Good luck! I am about to tackle finishing the basement in my 1963 ranch and have been giving this a lot of thought recently.