We will soon be remodeling as according to VA to make our home more handicap accessible.

Ruth K
by Ruth K
our 1st contractor will be here today. What are some questions I should ask him ?
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  • Designs by BSB Designs by BSB on Apr 09, 2012
    #1 does he have an experience doing so! if yes, examples of his work? solutions to your challenges? (dont expect free design solutions in an interview) If he/she hasnt, thats ok .. ask for references for the quality and value of his work and be sure he/she is willing to work with an experienced designer who has had experience with design solutions? Do not think handicap needs to look like it! An experienced designer will make it work .. and be aesthetically pleasing :) When looking for a potential remodeler to undertake your project, look for professional designations such as Certified Age In Place Specialist (C.A.P.S.), Certified Graduate Remodeler (C.G.R.), etc. Research this at either www.nahb.org or www.nari.org Ask to see licensing credentials and then confirm that information via your local department of consumer affairs that it is legitimate, current and that there are no judgments pending against the company. When meeting with the potential contractor, make sure to over communicate your needs. Make sure they are clear as to what you want done.... have them repeat back what you are asking for :)

  • Miriam Illions Miriam Illions on Apr 09, 2012
    I just have to say, Becky Sue, you are awesome!

  • As usual, Becky Sue's comments are right on target. I'd like to emphasize a couple of points. Any competent, professional remodeler can help create a space designed to be comfortable for folks with a wide range of physical capabilities. You should focus on identifying those professionals you are comfortable with (licenses, references, value, quality of work, etc...) and then and only then narrow down your choices by their experience in universal design/ADA compliant work. That professional remodeler that always has your best interest at heart will make up for any experience he may lack in ADA compliant work by calling on other professionals to assist them in coming up with the best answer for you.

  • Ruth, on our website we have a page devote to Universal Design & Aging In Place: http://www.akatlanta.com/Universal-Design-Tips We included some tips and checklists that might be helpful to you when you're talking to a contractor or reviewing quotes. Take the professionals advice but in the end, You have to be vigilant that you get everything your family wants and needs included in the estimates and these lists might help you! Though we're a little far away for a consultation, we're happy to help if you have other questions!

  • Becky has given you some great suggestions. You may also want to check out my website, www.bewareofcontractor.com

  • Gena R Gena R on Jul 07, 2012
    We re-did our whole house a few years ago to make it accessible to our son after he had a stroke and a heart transplant. We added an elevator, gym, and several (5) accessible bathrooms. His has a large roll in shower and the sinks are automatic. We also put in a bidet in that bathroom for his private use. I have some pictures on my blog or feel free to email me if you'd like to see anything or ask any questions. GOOD LUCK !

    make sure is va approved..ck better business b. ck his license.. u want to talk to people he has done work for..sounds like u have already done lots of work.. if u know any friends who wok for your county or township as jersey says,.. see if they can give u advice..gods blessings

  • Ruth K Ruth K on Dec 12, 2013
    FYI We chose the WRONG contractor. He did a lousy job. But when he was done we signed off just to get rid of him. The new addition is just a waste of space. The new bathroom is big but has no door of any kind. No privacy.

    am sorry you had to go through that.. hoe there is something you can do.. was thinking you were in virgina, but you are in florida.. can you use 10 on your side from news station.. good luck