Asked on Nov 30, 2018

What is this piece of furniture that I got at an auction?

by Pauliegirl1

I got this at an auction, nobody knows what it is? What is the purpose? It is BIG, and it opens?? Thanks in advance !!

q what is it

Without measuring, I would say about 3 ft tall and 2.5 ft in depth??

q what is it
q what is it
q what is it

The last pic shows you the grooves in the end pieces where it slides to open... I am stumped! No, don’t know why I bought it?? LOL!!

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  • Bjcase Bjcase on Nov 30, 2018

    Luggage rack

    • Pauliegirl1 Pauliegirl1 on Nov 30, 2018

      Hey BJ Is that a guess, or you know for sure?? Antique? Do you know if there is any value in it? Thanks for looking!!

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Nov 30, 2018

    Better picture would help, opened up some other,different angles

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    • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Nov 30, 2018

      Maybe it's a kids bed? Like a stowaway cot. Seems kinda low to be some kind of quilting rack or embroidery. Early 1900's ??. Looks like a piece is missing ? something goes on the 2 little pegs of wood on the center piece. I'm so curious I have a lrg. collection of antique,old,rare tools and am dying to know this really nice piece of furniture's purpose.It looks like a really good craftsman made this.Please let us know if you find out I'm going to keep research it. Maybe library could help take pics in or send them to antiques dealer for info.. Don't do anything to it til you find out more about.I do love a good mystery.

  • Yanick C foy Yanick C foy on Nov 30, 2018

    Wood holder. Or Blankets holder

  • Pauliegirl1 Pauliegirl1 on Nov 30, 2018

    Hey Yanick...Is that a guess? I am just stumped?? But it could be that, wod or blanket...even luggage rack?? Hoping someone knows for SURE!! Thanks for looking!!!

  • Lorri Maus Lorri Maus on Nov 30, 2018

    The first thing I thought of due to it's shape was a hay feeder but it looks to be too nice a piece for use in a barn. We had a similarly shaped metal feeder. The hay went in the v part and the goats would poke their noses through the openings to reach the hay. Does it go completely flat when opened all the way? Is there support for the sides when open so that it could hold something heavy?

    • Pauliegirl1 Pauliegirl1 on Nov 30, 2018

      Hello Ms. Lorri...Thats too funny, but yea, I think you are right, a bit to nice for a barn!! LOL!! It has me really curious!! All wooden, kinda ornate...It does not look like it was 'machine' made? Somebody needs to ask their Grandma or pa?? I need to check it again, not sure it opens ALL the way, seem to remember, almost, but not all the way? It is raining tomorrow here in GA. but I will take some more pics and post soon!!!

  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Nov 30, 2018

    It looks like a quilting frame. I think you should take it to an appraiser or if antiques roadshow is ever in your area, head over there.

    • Pauliegirl1 Pauliegirl1 on Nov 30, 2018

      No, I dont think its thay?? I thought at first it was to hold a huge book! LOL!! But whats the purpoe of that? I dont think they make books that big? TeHee!! I will keep it open to see what other guesses I get!! I cant think of a way to even TRY to look it up?? Lets just see what happens??

  • Not sure anyhow curious to find out! Love learning something new!

    • Pauliegirl1 Pauliegirl1 on Nov 30, 2018

      Thanks Naomi....I am VERY curious!!! If I get an answer, for sure?? will keep you posted!!!

  • Janerose Janerose on Dec 03, 2018

    maybe send a photo to antiques roadshow

  • Grnandbrwn Grnandbrwn on Dec 03, 2018

    It sort of looks like a fold-a-way bed except for the 'pegs' sticking up in the middle.

  • Grnandbrwn Grnandbrwn on Dec 03, 2018

    If you can take a better photo of it, maybe opened, you might be able to find out what it is using Google Images.

  • Alisa Peavey Alisa Peavey on Dec 03, 2018

    My guess would be a weaver or blanket weaving machines. You might want to look very closely and see how old it is. It might be worth something or you could learn a new craft.

  • JW JW on Dec 04, 2018

    How interesting !!

    Looks like a well made piece that is meant to open out in three positions from upright judging by photo 4

    Also looks like you have a bit missing as there are two little wooden pegs in the middle of the piece in photo 3

    I think what you have here is a rack for airing bedding. Back in the day [no dry cleaners !! ] Spring Cleaning included taking quilts, bedding, pillows, even mattress etc off the beds and airing them outside or on a porch.

    The missing bit would have been in three pieces and formed a frame over which bedding could be 'tented' once the sides were opened out flat

    You could replace the missing bit by using three wooden curtain poles cut to size

  • Pauliegirl1 Pauliegirl1 on Dec 04, 2018

    WOW!!! Everyone has certainly taken an interest in "IT"!! LOL!! one way or another I will find out what it is!! I will take more pics and get the dimensions....maybe that will help!! Thanks to all of you that gave me an opinion!! I just think there is more to it? WHY?? Just soooo curious!!! Maybe I will get rich...HA!!!!

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Mar 07, 2019

    Send the pictures to my email I'm going to Antiques road show next month on the 16th I'll take pictures and ask what it is.I tried to copy and download the new pictures you just posted but could not get it to work well