Where to vent a bathroom fan

Becky P
by Becky P
I live in an 18 year old split level. I have decided that we need to have the bathroom fans vent somewhere other than into the attic. So, which is better, having it vented out the roof or out of the soffit? I would never even have thought of it going out the soffit until one of the construction companies I called today said that is what they would do, unless I decided to have it go out the roof, which is what I would prefer. Also, can the two bathroom share the same duct work or would I need two different vents on the roof?
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  • I would go out the roof but I have seen them out the soffit and if done right both ways are good. In many areas such as here where I live, you cannot sell a home without them. The moisture and mold is such a problem in bathrooms you will notice a difference. We changed out ours to a 300cfm one of the largest Home Depot sells. Do not go with anything small even if it says it will work. In the full bath I gutted and replaced with the 300 cfm (not a large bathroom either) I never have mold or mildew on my tile! Plus I have it switched with the light so the kids wouldn't forget to use the fan or turn it off. It can be a pain to hear it of and on but the noise is worth the hassle of nagging about using the fan. Just remember to take down the grill and vacuum out the lint and dirt every so often! That is the key to keeping the fan in good condition.

  • Becky P Becky P on Sep 04, 2013
    Yes, I hate the noise! My fan has the built in heater also, which I couldn't live with out. Brrrr. Another reason I want this done is because in the winter, cold air just pours in the fan vent. Not sure what went wrong there when they installed it.

  • Bret M Bret M on Sep 05, 2013
    Always out the roof if there is an option. Hot air rises