Would a framed thermostat interfere with its reading the temperature correctly?

There are a few great ideas where people have been covering up garage door openers etc, but one where they just put a frame around the thermostat. It is still open, not enclosed, but it is "framed" so would this deter the thermostat from working properly? Thanks!
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  • It can but it depends upon a few factors such as size of frame that surrounds it, how far it sticks beyond the front of the thermostat and the color. If its a dark color it will tend to absorb heat fooling the thermostat into thinking its warmer, shiny, this can alter its readings as well. It is not suggested to cover or surround the unit if at all possible. But it has been done on several occasions by many people without to much issue.

  • Miles Enterprises Inc. Miles Enterprises Inc. on Mar 28, 2013
    if it is digital and is close as possible to a return air you should be ok..

  • Alissa Piekarski Alissa Piekarski on Mar 28, 2013
    Thank you both so much, you have been very helpful!

  • Digital has nothing to do with it sensing temps MIles. If the air is not flowing correctly over and around the thermostat it will not function as it is intended to do. Only thing digital has to offer is that the thermostat does not need to be level to work and it tends to be a bit more precise in reading the temps as compared to the bi-metal and mercury types.