Dollar Store Book Apple Decor

2 Materials
2 Hours

Create a darling apple decor using an old book to give to your teacher or decorate for back to school.

What is better than an apple for the teacher? Why adorable apple decor made as a book craft from a recycled read of course. This darling project is one that creates a masterpiece to give as a gift or use for back to school decor around the house (or in the classroom)!

Supplies and Materials Needed

Gather up all of the following supplies to prepare to make this fabulous book craft apple decor!

  • Paperback Book, One – Dollar Store or Upcycled
  • Red Acrylic Paint
  • Assorted Green Ribbon Scraps
  • Twig – From the Yard
  • Pencil or Marker
  • Craft Knife
  • Self-Healing Mat
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Wire Cutters or Branch Cutter
  • Binder Clip

Instructions To Make Recycled Book Apple

Before officially getting started, gather and organize your supplies. This is always a good idea when crafting to make a specific project. Being prepared makes it more fun.


Remove the front and back covers of paperback book.

Download and print the DOLLAR STORE BOOK APPLE PATTERN or draw your own shape on the inside of the book covers with a pencil or marker.


Cut out the book Apple patterns with scissors.

Open book flat at the halfway point, trace the apple pattern on the right half of the open book with a pencil or marker. Repeat by tracing the apple pattern on the right half of the open book.


Using a new, sharp blade on a craft knife, carefully cut through the pages a few at a time.

Insert self-healing mat under the book and continue cutting pages until half of the pages are completely cut out.

Repeat on the other side of the book.


Flip cut out book apple on your work surface and attach the exposed spine together with a line of hot glue from a glue gun.

Fluff out the apple by crinkling and crumpling each page individually. Bend and score the spine of the book as you fluff out the apple shape.


Fold book apple in half and hold between your fingers and thumb. Dry brush red craft paint around the edges of the book pages. Carefully separate any pages that might stick together, then set aside to dry.


Gather a stick from the yard and cut it to size with wire cutters or branch cutters. Attach to the top center of the book apple with a glue gun and glue sticks.

Tie assorted green ribbon scraps around the stem of the book apple to finish.

This project can be changed up. Simply create different colors of apples and even different sizes. Pair the apple with a gift card to create the perfect gift for that favorite teacher!

Suggested materials:
  • Book   (Dollar Store)
  • Paint   (Dollar Store)
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