Remote Control Mayhem: Control Your Clicker Clutter

by BrightNest
As the classic adage (that we just made up) goes: another entertainment device, another remote control. Between TVs, DVD players, cable boxes, sound systems, gaming consoles and multimedia receivers, your living room can amass quite the clicker collection. Best case scenario, you’re facing an unsightly pile-o-remotes. Worst case, your enjoyment of The Voice is preceded by a 30-minute session of remote control hide-and-seek.
Had enough? Wrangle your remote control clutter with one of these five solutions.

Note: In addition to the organization ideas below, we recommend that you explore combining your remotes. Most cable boxes and TV remotes can be easily synced (see your TV manual for instructions). There are also universal remote controls available that can control up to fifteen devices.

1. Box it Up

Store your remotes in a statement-piece worthy of display. The possibilities are endless – just make sure you go with a box that fits your entire stash and closes easily. Try hunting down some flea market finds, including old cigar boxes (they work like a charm). We’re also big fans of document boxes in decidedly non-corporate hues.

2. Serving Tray

If you don’t want to hide your remote controls in a box, at least give them a classy home base. Add a serving tray or unique basket that piques your aesthetic interest (or make your own!) to your coffee table and corral your clickers with style.

3. Stick It

Remove your remotes altogether by attaching them to their respective electronics. Using Velcro®, affix a strip of the “soft” side to the back of the remote control and an equally long strip of the “hook” side to the device. Camouflage is the name of the game here, so opt for a spot that’s relatively out-of-sight.

4. Clear Glass

A clear drinking glass or wide flower vase makes a chic, simple and functional storage device. Look for one with character – like a mason jar or antique vase – to ensure the look says “deliberate choice” instead of “I can’t control my dishes.”

5. Caddy

For the traditionalists among us, there are plenty of basic storage caddy options out there, too. From leather to wicker to acrylic, one of these will get the job done with minimal fuss or flea-marketing adventures.
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