Asked on Oct 02, 2014

Compressor runs but no air

by Jadz
My air conditioner compressor runs but there is no air coming out of the vents. I did hear a loud click from the furnace.
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  • OK, turn off your system at the thermostat so you do not freeze up your unit. Then on your thermostat turn on the fan only switch to the on position and leave it there. Go to the indoor fan location and feel the larger pipe that enters into the duct system or side of blower. Is it frozen or do you see ice on the pipe? If so, your system is under charged and needs professional assistance. If the fan is not running or you cannot hear it running then turn off the fan switch at the thermostat and contact a heating professional is your indoor fan has failed. If you cannot access the blower if its in the attic, check the outdoor unit and look at the pipes entering into the unit from the house. If you see ice again the same issue as described below. Most of the time when this occurs is the system is low on Freon. When this occurs the temp on the coil goes below freezing and instead of the condensate draining out the pipe it freezes into a block of ice. Thus preventing the air from flowing out of the ducts. Another reason for the ice is a severely plugged air filter. If you find ice on the pipes, keep the blower fan running so it will melt the ice faster and help prevent any overflow from causing an issue by leaking onto the floor or ceiling if located in the attic.

  • Jadz Jadz on Oct 03, 2014
    why the fan inside the furnace isn't running this would be wasteful so if i turned on the fan only switch it still would not be working and had someone out today and found out what the problem was and I turned the entire system down

  • The reason I suggested you run the fan only switch is because you did not say the fan was not working, only that you had no air. Many times when a system becomes low in charge it freezes up. Simply turning the system off to wait for the ice to melt not only can take several hours, and if a service person is called you would be waiting for them to watch the ice to melt. So running the fan not only melts the ice faster, it helps prevent water from leaking out of the system and onto the floor. What was the final outcome for the system?

  • Jay Taylor Jay Taylor on Jan 08, 2015
    Did you have an air conditioner maintenance in the recent past? AC maintenance is needed not only for the summer months but in winter as well. Here is a blog, you can get some inkling from here: I would suggest you to call in an expert as soon as possible to get to the exact reason of this. A delay can aggravate the problem.