HELP Seriously overwhelmed w/ options for venting systems for bathroom

by Mary
Our full sized bathroom is T shaped with a door to close off the toilet. One window with a contractor grade venting systems. We our fine with that (so we think) but have been reading how one of the first improvements you can do is GET A NEW VENT SYSTEM!! How true is this and what do we look for In a new system?
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  • Terri Pounds Terri Pounds on Jun 16, 2017
    My suggestion is a new venting system.

  • Norris720 Norris720 on Jun 18, 2017
    MaryHometalker - I personally would want a high volume fan in the toilet closet. Venting will be required for your new exhaust pipe to the exterior of your house either through the roof or side wall. This will also require some carpentry and roof work for a new roof top or side wall vent. Next you will need new exhaust fans rated for how much air you want to displace. There are fans that have Lights and Heaters. Part of this project will also include electrical work to rewire the new fan or fans.

  • Margaret Margaret on Jun 18, 2017
    Norris is correct about it being an involved project and not inexpensive to do. I have a problem right now with my vent fan. My attic was sprayed full of insulation and sealed shut. The roofers discovered my fans vent was not attached to the roof top exhaust pipe. Now I can't use my fan because the damp exhaust from the bathroom would blow into the insulation and potentially cause mold...

  • Margaret Margaret on Jun 19, 2017
    I just noticed you are in CA, Terry. I lived in a windowless bathroom CA apartment back in 1969 and even that far back, bathrooms without outside windows were required to have a fixture that when you turned on the light, the fan and a heat lamp came on automatically... could be helpful?