Asked on Oct 16, 2015

My home across compressor is running but no air comes out?

by Roxsana_08214
I just moved in to this new home with a 2014 AC but it just now started to act up, someone please help!
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Oct 16, 2015
    Do you have a instruction manual on this?

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Oct 16, 2015
    Ok thats good.Exactly what you are telling us. There should be a troublesome shooting guide in the manual. If not I would call the manufacturer.

  • Shari Shari on Oct 16, 2015
    My guess is going to be that the fan that pushes the air out of the vents is not working but believe me, I am not a mechanical wizard so I'm only speculating based on what we've encountered. Is it central air or a window unit? If the A/C was installed sometime in 2014, the unit could still be under warranty since A/C units generally have a warranty that is more than 1 year (or at least our central unit did--5 years). If you don't have a mechanically inclined friend, neighbor or relative that can look at it, hopefully you know what company installed it and you can place a call to them for service. If it turns out it is still under warranty, the service call and parts might not cost you a thing.

  • First check filters and make sure the filters are clean. Filters need to be changed every month but no need to buy the expensive ones. If it is freezing, do you mean the pipes outside? this could be a leak in the lines and you may be low on freon. You really need to have a tune up on the unit- cleaning the unit and check for any leaks. How old is the unit? there are so many things it could be

  • Tlc1654114 Tlc1654114 on Oct 17, 2015
    Is it a Lennox? They've had issues (and court cases) due to leaking coils. Usually around 3 yrs-after warranty has expired.

  • Anna Anna on Oct 17, 2015
    I had this happen and the a/c tech showed me that some of the low voltage wires at the front of the actual a/c unit (not at the compressor) were not tightened.

  • Psellers Psellers on Oct 18, 2015
    Do you have a home warranty with your purchase.