Coffee maker- Any advice is appreciated!

by Beverly

I can't seem to make decent coffee at home---- have tried various coffee makers like Braun, Mr. Coffee. My coffee never seems good no matter what I try. Someone told me to sprinkle a little salt on the dry grounds before turning on the pot....supposed to take away bitterness.

Any advice is appreciated!

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  • Gk Gk on Jul 15, 2018
    What is your definition of "good coffee"? There are so many different varieties of coffee to try you might consider trying some new options. I have a Keurig and buy various brands that all taste differently. Some are good--others not my favorites. I keep the brands on hand that frequent visitors prefer and what I have found that I like. I usually use my Bunn coffee maker daily and the Keurig only occasionally as it gets expensive to use the Keurig if you drink a lot of coffee in a day. I do have the little Keurig coffee basket that I can add my own grounds in to save from buying all the individual pods.

  • Tiffany Myers Tiffany Myers on Jul 15, 2018
    Try using bottled water instead of from the faucet. Sometimes that makes a big difference.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jul 15, 2018

    Try really small containers of different coffees and strengths. You may find that there is one that you enjoy more. You could also try the flavored ones that may help with getting rid of some of the bitterness. I can't help you any other way, as I don't drink coffee, but hubby does, and he has found his favorites and strengths that he likes best. Some he makes at different strengths by using more or less grounds per cup to get the taste he likes. He has gone through many trials and errors to find what he likes!

  • In short, unless you have a true "commercial" coffee system installed in your home, your coffee will never ever taste the same. It is the temperature of the water that brews the coffee. It is much hotter in commercial brewing systems, and due to people being people and millions and billions of burn lawsuits, no home coffee maker will ever get the water hot enough to have the coffee taste the same as when purchased in a fancy coffee house or restaurant. If you want to get close, do a french press or a pour over method.

    I love coffee out too! Hardly ever get any as I am too cheap, saved as a special treat and I enjoy every drop.

  • Amy Amy on Jul 15, 2018
    I use cold brew. Overnight cold water on larger grounds size coffee (regular grind is ok, just slower to filter.) About a fourth of the volume is grounds, then fill with water and let it steep overnight. Invert it to break up the packing of the grounds so they don't come out all at once when you filter. The grounds will be floating and will have expanded. It tastes so good, you often don't need sweetener. Using softened water or purified water also seems to draw out more flavor.

  • Ebbjdl Ebbjdl on Jul 15, 2018

    8Mu Hi, Keep your coffee in the pantry, and use cold water, when making coffee. Trial and error is what you have to do. Say 5 scoops for 10 cups, and keep trying by ajusting the coffee, 4 scoops for 10 cups, etc. Clean your coffee maker with straight vinegar. Pour it to the Line for 10, and let it sit 1 hour, then run it through. Rinse at least 2 times to clear the pot of vinegar.

  • Sammi Sammi on Oct 14, 2020

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  • Nichola Minton Nichola Minton on Sep 03, 2021

    How old is your coffee?? Try to buy it from a local roaster so it's ground as freshly as possible. Some brands of coffee sold in the grocery store were ground ages ago and then put into an airtight can. It can still still degrade and affect the taste. See if it makes a difference with fresher coffee. Try filtered water too. Also do you clean your coffee make regularly with a vinegar or specialty machine rinse to remove limescale which can also affect taste