Roto Tool Repair

by Lauren
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15 Minutes
I love my Roto Tool, and was very sad one late "rainy night" when it quit.. But I had had it forever (1971) and thought, "Well, it is time to get a new one.." So into the trash it went and being the right time I set the Trash out for pick-up the next morning.. And went online shopping icon . The next move, about Midnight, was to go back out with an Umbrella and retrieve that rather expensive item..icon .. In my research i found how to repair and replace the Coupling... how easy is that!
Found the screws to remove the faceplate and there was a mess in there

Went online and ordered a simple replacement piece. That's it, Up there at Knife point... It is a plastic sleeve called a "Coupling" and it had turned brittle.. I was careful and tried to only move parts that necessitated access for the repair.. The coupling cost $6.99, I ordered two..
Carefully removed the damaged "Coupling"
Put the new "Coupling" in, so clean and pretty... Replace the face plate and it was good to go..
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  • $6.99 Coupling   (Amazon On line)
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  • Isabelle Isabelle on Aug 07, 2017
    Good being independent

  • Thread Repair Thread Repair on May 16, 2022

    You had it since 1971? Wow. Great work on maintaining and repairing it.

    If you are looking for new accessories to go with it, here's a suggestion which you can use for fixing a bolt thread.