How to Change Out a Light Fixture

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I feel like kind of a chump. You know I love my new light fixtures and I love them a lot. The thing is, any time that I've needed one installed, I've always asked Chris to do it. And he's always kind of taken a long time to get to it. And then there's always all the cursing that goes on whenever he does a project like this. So it's given me the impression that changing a light fixture is kind of a difficult thing to do that requires some skill and finesse.... But guess what -- It's really so easy!
The very first thing to always, always, always do, is shut off the power! Most homes (in Canada anyways), run off of 120 Volts, AC (Alternating Current).... This is more than enough electricity to cause electrocution or start a fire!
Next, you'll want to disconnect the wires and toss that old light fixture to the curb! Or do a craft with it. Whatever!

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Connecting the proper wires is very important! You don't want to cause a short circuit once the power has been restored, and reversed polarity is also a huge no-no!
Ta-da! And this is the final result! Such a simple and easy update!

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