Asked on Mar 10, 2018

Cell phone reception

Arturo Chasan
by Arturo Chasan
Does anyone have a solution for getting better cell phone reception in a house with a metal roof?

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  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Mar 10, 2018
    Check out electronic stores and see if they have anything that will strengthen the signal, I know they used to have them. My hubby used something when he drove truck to strengthen the signal in grey areas that had weak signals in parts of the states, especially in the northwest where the towers were few and far between. I imagine someone still has the signal boosters, I think he got his through a business that worked with antennas.

  • Dfm Dfm on Mar 10, 2018
    Good to know....I’ve a few black out spots for reception as well.

  • Sharon Sharon on Mar 10, 2018
    I have a metal roof and it has nothing to do with reception..... its about how close you are to a cell phone reception tower.

  • William William on Mar 10, 2018
    Also who you carrier is. If you have WIFI connect to it. You'll save on your data and minutes from your carrier. When my daughter and granddaughter visit they tie into my WIFI. Also reception is great.

  • Ken Erickson Ken Erickson on Dec 05, 2020

    Does your reception get better when you step outside the door?