Asked on Jan 09, 2016

Fluorescent fixture replacement help

Bruce Grieve
by Bruce Grieve
I am replacing the two overhead light fixtures in our kitchen from the older tubes to the T-8 type. I bought two new fixtures that come with ballast. They work off one switch and after replacing the one furthest from the switch and it worked fine, I moved on to the one closest to the switch, realizing that I would have the wiring go in and back out to connect to the other light. I was expecting to see the same kind of ballast that I saw in the first fixture (2 wires from each end of the ballast) BUT Nooooo this ballast has 4 wires from each end, I am kerflumked. Do I need to go get a T-8 ballast that has 4 wires from each end? Here is a photo of the one I am trying to replace.
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Current ballast that needs to be replaced with a T-8 compatible ballast.
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  • Packrat Packrat on Jan 10, 2016
    you can Google how to change it- but you have to use a T-8 ballast with the new fixture. If you still have the old fixture up, it likely wires the same. I'm surprised the new fixture doesn't have a wiring diagram??

    • Paul M Paul M on Oct 08, 2016
      Fixtures don't have diagrams, most of the time, but the ballast does. Refer to the diagram on the ballast, if you wire it that way you will never have a problem with fluorescent lights.

  • Mike Mike on Jan 10, 2016
    Get rid of the ballast by replacing bulbs with led bulbs. The cost of the ballast, if you can find the right one, is as much as a new fixture and about the same as a set of 4 led bulbs. It's not that hard to do. Make sure you cut the power off to the fight fixture, remove the ballast and follow the instructions to install the led bulbs. (Power is supplied to only one end of he led bulb) There are utube videos available. I bought a set of 4 bulbs with new connectors for less than $50 on Amazon. The lights are brighter and it is more energy efficient.

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    • Mike Mike on Jan 18, 2016
      You are welcome. I have replaced all my incandescent with led 60 watt equivalent bulbs from Lowes 6 bulbs was about $10.00. They use 5 to 6 watts of electricity and last a very long time. I also added 24 solar panels to my small frame house (about 1500 square feet) and reduced my electric bill to $11.00 per month. Actually, the electricity is free, the meter fee is $9 and a Stromboli restoration fee is $2.

  • Rita Tate LeDoux Rita Tate LeDoux on Jan 10, 2016
    The connection process is drawn on the ballast. Two yellow, two blues, and two reds...follow their directions.

  • CK CK on Jan 11, 2016
    Wow, if it was me, I'd get rid of the florescent fixture entirely and put in a new one. I may be wrong but if there's an electrical box there already, you're set to do the switch out. There are so many fixtures out there these days that'll do the trick in your space. I've changed out several fixtures from florescent to other fixtures. It really helps update the space.

  • Paul M Paul M on Oct 08, 2016
    If there is no label on that ballast you need to get another one, something is wrong with that ballast. Secondly you didn't need to change fixtures at all, just the ballast to go from T12 to T8. Now if you got to T5 you need to change your bulb sockets too, but not the fixture.