Following up on Door Removal

by Jen
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Worthless doors and why do we keep them?? If you have doors in places where there never should have been..what's holding you back? The easy solution is take them down. Then what??? Those pesky finishing touches
What took me so long??
Seriously wondering what DID take me so long?? This room isnt a bedroom (there is no closet) It's my computer room/sewing room and had a set of boring doors. Not only that, but the light switch was BEHIND one of the doors! Who does that??? So..I asked my husband if he was on board with taking them down and he agreed. (Not only does it look 10000 times better. But now our small living room looks bigger! Ahhhh..but a few minor things to be fixed.
Like hinge marks. Not a problem. Its spackle time!
I learned from a carpenter that we had hired MANY years ago that Dex is their best friend. (Iced coffee is mine)
But that wasnt the ONLY room we took the door off of....between my kitchen and the laundry room there HAD been a door. One of the 1st ones we removed. Why?? Because the intake for the HVAC system was RIGHT there and air wasnt circulating with it closed! Call it bad design..but we took that one down long ago. The problem?? I HAD putted and painted a while back, but the indentations where still visible..and..well..Im a perfectionist kinda girl.
Luckily we still had the old hinges. And even luckier..some leftover wood "skin"/veneer from a previous project. (you can buy at ANY home improvement store. Very thin wood sheets in different sizes. Lo and behold it was the same width as the old hinges. Even heavy duty scissors made it easy to cut!
Yup..I made a patch! Where the door latched was pretty ugly as well.
After the patches were all cut and I was happy..I added a few drops of wood glue to hold it in place.
And for extra hold used my staple gun (that also takes very small nails) for extra strength. Only two per patch.
Looks better already!
The next day.....plenty of time for EVERYTHING on both door areas to dry..a little light sanding.
Painted and done! The above pic is after only one coat of paint (because honestly after two coats its so blended you cant tell!)
Ta da and done!
And all the doors are being reused elsewhere and what DID take me so darn long?? (the above pic is the computer room which now looks like an archway)
Suggested materials:
  • Dex   (any home store)
  • Wood glue   (anywhere)
  • Sanding paper   (already had)
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