Can i use bonda to repair in my fiberglass shower

by Wal29597523
  3 answers
  • Ken Ken on Dec 08, 2017
    I believe that you are referring to the 3M brand name Bondo. They make a fiberglass repair kit and yes, this is what you want. Other brands are available including a Devcon epoxy bathtub repair kit available on Amazon for well under $20.

  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Dec 08, 2017
    Yes Ive used automotive department bondo to plug in a utility tub sink —> hole and to fill crackling on the bottom of a fiberglass tub.

    FYI-The epoxy stick is another waterproofing putty -it would be more tricky to sand and disguise.....tho its my all time favorite DIY product. This putty stick is my all time favorite repair crafting item to have on hand. Its less than six dollars at your local Lowe's hardware store in the plumbing department.

    Putty characteristics
    Steel-filled material, mixes in your hand and hardens in minutes
    Suitable for plastics, metals, fiberglass, concrete and ceramics
    May be drilled, tapped, filed, sanded, sealed and painted when hardened
    Non-toxic material contains no solvents
    Will not shrink