Asked on Mar 25, 2015

Hired painter to redo kitchen cabinets

Coletta Toomey
by Coletta Toomey
I hired a pro or so I thought. I wanted dark cabinets instead of the light ones. Boy am I sorry. The paint comes off and we have to re touch all the time. What do I do? I paid this guy big $, by the way it's my kitchen cabinets.
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  • Hightee Hightee on Mar 26, 2015
    Did he apply a bonding agent to the final job, such as polycrylic to help seal it? I painted my bath counter top and applied 3 coats of poly and have not had any problems.

  • Darla Darla on Mar 26, 2015
    If you paid a lot of money, the painter should come back and fix it, and apply a top coat.

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    • Darla Darla on Mar 31, 2015
      @Carmen If he didn't prepare it correctly, he should either redo it or give her a refund. You're right, if the paint didn't bond to the substrate, a topcoat won't help much.

  • Liliana Wells Liliana Wells on Mar 26, 2015
    How long has it been? Did you try contacting him? If he refuses to come to fix the problem, you can lodge a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. They do not have the power to force him to resolve the problem, but it will be a mark against him if anybody else check with the BBB. Next step is the small claims court, if you want to go that far. I am afraid this is one of those cases that if to have it done right, it might have been less aggravating to do it yourself. There are lots of tutorials on Hometalk on how to. Good luck.

  • Sarah Robinson Sarah Robinson on Mar 26, 2015
    Well, it looks as if you just got a hold of a dude instead of a real painter. I wouldn't stress out trying to get him back. Just go on & poly seal it, after you get the paint touched up to your liking. He's most likely NOT registered with the BBB, but you can bad-mouth his work over line & to your neighbors & friends. Mark it up for experience ! Those kind are so easy to come by, now a days.

  • Linda Cody Linda Cody on Mar 26, 2015
    Get hold of the better business bureau and let them know. You could also see an attorney.

  • Kim Arehart Kim Arehart on Mar 31, 2015
    I wouldn't run right to the BBB or an attorney right away. It may eventually come to that, but I would at least try to get him to come fix it. yes, he should have known it was a cruddy job, but he is human & it could have been a simple oversight. Maybe he even had someone helping him with it that missed an important step. Maybe the paint he used was bad. You just won't know until you contact him to repair it.

  • Carmen Carmen on Mar 31, 2015
    Get him back to fix the problem within a specific time frame; don't permit him to stall or jerk you around; otherwise take him to court. Where to file depends on the total amount paid' it may be small claims, you can file yourself; hopefully you kept a paper trail You can find out where and how to file on line for your city or county. Also as others suggest report his name to several places such as Angie's list (even if you are not a members, or even if he isn't listed), Home Pro, etc. Plus the BBB, and if your county or state has a consumers agency report him there too. You will save others the headache you are going through. On Hometalk there is so much info on how to paint cabinets correctly. I've done our bathrooms and in the summer will tackle the kitchen (I'm a teacher, no time during school year). In a nutshell, use quality paint, quality brushes, and rollers, I prefer med size foam rollers, and love my Purdy paint brushes. Being in a hurry during DIY proejects ends up cosingu time and money in the end. Found this out the hard way! Preparation is key - fail to do, and chipping will occur; and is probably where your painter failed. It is time consuming and labor intensive: Start by cleaning the surface from any grease and dust.Depending on the material cabinets are made from, you will need to sand lightly. Vacuum surface. Repair scratches, dents, etc. Re-sand, vacuum surface, and finish with tack cloth (so very important this tack cloth). Use quality primer (lots out there). Let dry completely (rush it you'll be sorry). ONLY now are you ready to paint. If giving more then one coat, sand very lightly between coats, I like using a sanding block with 320-220 grit. CLEAN SURFACE: by vacuuming, and using a new tack cloth. Don't skip this step. I don't finish with a protective coat, but most people recommend it' will probably do this in the kitchen. Good luck and success in resolving your problem