How to recover a foot stool

by Jrr31990810
  3 answers
  • Jrr31990810 Jrr31990810 on Dec 15, 2017
    Thanks. I will try it.

  • Sherry Carson Sherry Carson on Dec 15, 2017
    If top of stool is flat (or slightly curved) place "foam" at least 3-4" on top and I brush a small amount of all-purpose glue just to keep it in place. Then cut your fabric at least 5" approx. all around and turn stool over onto fabric evenly. I start at middle and pull fabric tightly (while holding other side) and with stapler, staple in place. Go to other side and do same thing. Than start stapling around and miter corners. Cut excess fabric off after stapled all around. You can glue flat upholstery binding on bottom to cover staples. I change every once in awhile as all you do is use a flat screwdriver to slightly life staples and use pliers to remove and start with new fabric. Very easy. Hope this helps.