Chimney Repairs

Ageless Chimney, Inc.
by Ageless Chimney, Inc.
You can have many problems with your chimney, which can be very dangerous. Here we show some before and after pictures...
You can see the damage and poor condition here...
Owners Bobby & Sherwood.
Installing a new pipe...
Through the roof...
Large chimney breach...
and repairing the top...
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  • RockfordChimneySupply RockfordChimneySupply on Dec 16, 2015
    Nice before and after pictures of some of the chimney work you've done!

  • Janet Belt Janet Belt on Oct 15, 2016
    Thanks for sharing this information. The function of a chimney is to draw smoke and gases away from the burning fire and out of your home. The smoke from a fire can contain dangerous gases. The other function of your chimney flue is to keep excessive heat from building in your home. For these reasons, it is important that chimney flue problems are detected and repaired early. Schedule an annual cleaning and examination of your chimney and flue with a chimney repair professional like If you use your fireplace or stove regularly, these checks should be even more frequent.