How to Repair Cracks in Wooden Door Panels

Some people might say, "You can't apply patching plaster to a wooden door!" Well, I did and it worked. I see it sorta like a thick paint, something that covered imperfections.
I ran a sharp edge down into the cracks to open them up ever so slightly and to clean out any remaining gunk. Then I applied some Loctite glue made for exterior projects and forced it down into the cracks with a razor blade. I wanted to use something thin that would get down in there and seal the cracks. The Loctite is allowed to dry and then wood filler is applied with a putty knife to help cover and conceal the crack. After the wood filler dried I started sanding and realized that I could not sand all the way smooth because the cracks begin showing again.
Then next step is to prime. Priming fills some minor cracks and imperfections and reveals spots that need additional filling/sanding. I realized that the wood filler had to remain a little higher than the surface of the door panel to hide the crack, so what to do? Click over to our blog to see the details on how we covered the crack with the patching plaster...
Not having to replace that door allows me to use my money on another needed improvement that I can't repair. Besides being able to experiment is one of the many rewards of Old House Issues!
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  • Juli Capo Juli Capo on Jul 17, 2017
    I needed this help right now, what a great find, the world works in mysterious ways and it brought me to this site. Thank you so much