Extreme Temperature Changes Spell Trouble for Roofs

by Casawyzijam
The crazy winter is keeping a lot of roofing companies busy this season. Widely fluctuating temperatures are causing a lot of problems for homeowners. The problem is due to water getting beneath the shingles where it is melting and refreezing with each shift in temperature. Each time the
water refreezes it expands forcing shingles apart and causing widespread damage to roofs. This is a major issue that in many cases leads to the need for a complete roof replacement. It's a problem that can be easily avoided.
Catch the problem early
What many roofing contractors are seeing lately is roofs that have been torn apart by the melting and refreezing going on beneath the shingles. By the time homeowners catch the problem, it's too late. For widespread damage to the shingles, the only recourse it to replace the entire roof, a project that can cost thousands and thousands of dollars.
If the problem is caught early enough, a simple fix could be enough to solve the problem. Homeowners need to watch for signs of cracks and splitting in the shingles. These are signs that the weather is wearing out the shingles. That's how water gets through in the first place.
Roof maintenance is key
Roof experts recommend that by regularly inspecting and maintaining your roof, many of the issues caused by extreme weather can be avoided. You should have your roof inspected twice a year, just before winter and again in the early spring. The first inspection will make sure that your roof is up to the task of keeping your home protected through the winter. The second inspection identifies any problems that may have occurred as a result of harsh winter weather.
By regularly inspecting your roof and keeping it well maintained, you can avoid some of the more severe issues that roofs can have as a result of harsh weather.
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Source: newschannel5.com/story/24720924/cold-winter-causing-roofing-problems-in-the-mid-state
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