More Work on My Old Shed. The Roof Leaked Like a Sieve.

Carol S
by Carol S
24 Hours
It was done in stages due to rain. Surfises to say I had my work cut out for me.
As you can see the back corner was quite wet. Later the center leaked as well. There was nothing supporting the roof in the corner, so I fixed that first.
it isn't pretty but it solved the problem.
I removed the wooden border that was nailed ove rthe shingles on all four sides. There was no drip edge on the rear & lower edge of the roof.
Three layers excessively nailed and glued down.
Once it was stripped I found the plywood to be solid, except a 3" strip at the back edge. Luckily, I already had a piece of exterior ply to replace it with.
A gazillion nail holes & imperfections in the old plywood, made me uneasy.
I decided to use the latex black top sealer, we already had to fill to cover and smooth the entire roof.
Tar paper went down next, which I nailed sparingly. Luckily we had 2 half rolls that did the job. Then the rolled roofing which will lay over the molding or fascier.
Looks smooth and secure. The front edge is nailed and folded over.
Nailled to the 2bys. A painted & sealed board will be attached after I fill all the nail holes and give it a fresh coat of paint.
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  • Cheryle Fuller Cheryle Fuller on Aug 29, 2015
    I doubt that this will last long as it does not seem you have much of a pitch to the roof. Anything less than a 4:12 pitch will require a hot mopped roof. Running the roofing over the side of the edge will only let the trim board (fascia) rot the more quickly as water will become trapped behind it. Cut the edge of the roofing product back from the rolled edge, put a piece of metal trim strip shaped like an Ell along the edges, (called a starter edge) then nail the roofing material over it. This starter edge will need to be all around your roof. Tar paper looks black all over. This is rolled roofing, as it is thicker and has gravel adhered to it.

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