Asked on May 16, 2014

Should I use cement board siding?

by Ck*344123
My husband and I are in the market to reside our home. We have the contractor chosen, but we cannot agree on the type of siding. I would truly prefer a Hardy Board or cement board product and he wants to replace our siding with aluminum (what we currently have). We hear some many mixed reviews on cement board, that I do not want to push the issue of this product and be totally disgusted with it in five years. I have taken a fairly large triangle size piece and put it in a bucket of water for a week. Removed it, hit against a hard object, and it was in the same condition, no cracking or peeling, as when I originally put it in the bucket. Your comments please!
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  • Z Z on May 16, 2014
    I can't help you on those two choices, but about 12 years ago we had vinyl siding put on, our then under construction, home and have been very happy we made that choice. We had a bad hail storm when it was ten years old and that area replaced. There was so little difference in color, that unless you knew what was changed you never would have known some of it was new. Our main reason for choosing vinyl was not wanting to have to paint it, but have been very happy in every respect of it's wear and ease of cleaning.

  • Hardie Board is a great product. It is structurally stable and shrinks and swells very little that you cannot see it. Because its man made it hold paint really well also. Steer clear of metal siding. It is difficult to repair when damaged and can be damaged easy. Cement based siding is a bit harder to install as it requires special nailing and cutting it requires safety equipment as you do not want to breath in the dust. Just be sure who ever installs it has done Hardie board in the past. Not a project for new first time installers. Go to their web site for list of contractors in your area. When installing this type of siding I would suggest that you purchase Aztec trim. It is also man made, does not rot or decay. Paints and holds finishes well. Combined with the Hardie siding this will be the last time the house will ever need to be sided. Lastly very important. Be sure to keep siding off of roof lines if your home has such. You want to be properly flashed keeping any siding off of roof by at least four inches. The attention to the flashing details will assure that your home will not decay from within. A very common issue with a poorly installed system.

  • Ck*344123 Ck*344123 on May 16, 2014
    Thank you for your comment. However, I'm really looking for some comments on cement board -- I really like and want that for my home.

  • Hardie board is cement board. Comes in lengths just like wood siding. You can get it pre painted as well so finish lasts even longer. Stay away from aluminum in my opinion. Turns house into large lightening rod. Also dents and damages easy.

  • Here in VA cement board is preferred but not always used but very few if any one uses metal siding. Humidity and temperature extremes makes problems in many siding products. We would love to put on cement board but it is a bit expensive both for purchase and install because it has to have the holes drilled to hang it and painted every so many years BUT is lasts forever! We have the cheap composite siding that rots easily and does not hold paint them well but it is a favorite money saver for builders. I would go with Hardiplank for sure. I have seen it on many houses here and it holds up. Hope this helps

  • The Hardie Board siding does not need to be drilled to be fastened. A special nail gun can be used so it goes up pretty fast. Pre painted makes it faster, or hire your kids to roll it out before its put up.

  • The Chirping Frog The Chirping Frog on Sep 30, 2014
    We used Hardie Board (cement board) and love it.....