Asked on Feb 20, 2014

What is the roofing material you prefer the most?

We would love to hear what is your most suitable roofing material. All are welcome to leave reply, no matter if you are a contractor, worker or DIY maniac!
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  • Roofing materials manufactured these days all are pretty good. What is preferred in one area of the country may be the worse product to use in another. In the NJ area the asphalt shingle dimensional style is still the most common which I would assume is pretty much all over the country. I had the chance to work with rubber slate style shingles, which were a blast to install but were expensive. The homeowner choose them because of the 50 year warranty and they are supposed not to mold up much like were seeing with the asphalt shingles are doing. Sense they removed many of the materials in the asphalt shingle that used to prevent mold from developing more and more people are, at least in my area, that can afford it are choosing standing seam metal roofs and the rubber styles on their homes. I personally like the old three tab asphalt shingle as I can still pick up a full bundle and carry it up a ladder.

  • AJ Wells Roofing AJ Wells Roofing on Feb 21, 2014
    I prefer Owens Corning Architectual Shingles with the sure nail technology. For flat roofs I suggest Duro-last which in my opinion is the best that's out there for flat roofing system. Hope to hear from whomever. Go to A.j Wells

  • Pete Wells Pete Wells on Feb 22, 2014
    I've preferred standing seam metal for years...once owned a house with this roof, installed in's still there! Must be painted every few years, though...newer metal roofs you may be seeing a lot of are a lesser-quality installation...requiring many holes in the metal surface to install..if a screw doesn't "Bite" you have a potential leak...I do like the 'architectural' asphalt shingles...have never had a flat roof so I won't comment on them...

  • Katie Katie on Feb 22, 2014
    I agree with @ Pete Wells. There is nothing like a standing seam metal roof. I love them. Of Course it depends on the architecture of the house, as well.

  • Personally I like the look of concrete roof tiles, they are the most durable & the original cool roof With that as others said, you got to look at what fits in with your architecture & neighborhood - most products available will last & perform well though in some cases you will get what you pay for