Telltale signs whether you need roof repair or roof replacement

A myriad of factors can cause damage to your roofs, we share few telltale signs to look for...see full post on our blog
Roof Inspection
Roof repair or roof replacement
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  • James Coggins James Coggins on Jun 03, 2019

    The primary cause of roof problems is a poorly maintained roof. As one of the largest parts of your house, it requires regular inspection, maintenance, and repair. The most vulnerable part of your home, the lifespan of a roof can be shortened dramatically if neglected. With proper maintenance, your roof can last an average of 15 to 30 years. I do the regular maintenance of my roof with slate roof nails and it really works

  • EPDM Member EPDM Member 3 days ago

    Roof repairing is always better than costly roof replacement especially when you have the best sealant like ‘’Elastomeric liquid butyl rubber’’ that gives you a new roof for a fraction of cost. Liquid butyl rubber is the best sealant that can be applied to almost all kinds of roofing materials and has over a 25 year history of success in effectively solving all roof problems with just a single coating giving a smooth seamless membrane with an aesthetically pleasing look. It is a solvent based, primer free, one coat solution and a better alternative to costly roof replacement bringing you long term peace of mind due to its remarkable long lasting properties extending the service life of your roof for next 15 to 20 years with pledging 10 year warranty.