How to Caulk a Bathtub (Beautiful Results)

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What should you do when caulking a bathtub? Fill it with water. This sounds weird but it works.
Of course the first step is to remove all the old caulk.
Which tools should you use?
I like a razor scraper and painter's tool.
You can groove out the old caulk with the razor scraper then use the painter's tool for stubborn sealant.
You can also mildly abrade the tub surface with a grout sponge. This ensures all the old caulk is gone.
Make sure the tub and surround are dry then apply the new caulk.
It's at this point that you fill the tub with water. The water level should be slightly below the overflow pipe.
This will expand the gap.
DAP 3.0 for kitchen, bath, and plumbing is great caulk for this kind of project.
Cut the tube at a 45 degree angle and tool the caulk into the gap between the tub and surround.

You might like my video tutorial. Check that out over at Home Repair Tutor :D
Hope this helps you with your own project.
How to caulk a bathtub (beautiful results)
Score caulk with a razor scraper
Use a painter's tool for stubborn sealant.
Mildly abrade the tub and surround with a grout sponge
DAP 3.0 for kitchen, bath, and plumbing is great for bathtub caulking projects
This will help you cut the tube to the right size.
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