How to Unclog a Sink Like a Pro

30-60 Minutes
Many of you asked me to do a tutorial on how to unclog a sink.
So I put an extensive tutorial together that walks you through this easy fix (it's like you're right in the bathroom with me!!). This is probably one of the Top 10 fixes a homeowner encounters. And the funny part is that I had to unclog my own sink last weekend. What timing.
All you need for this project are a Zip It ($3), Drain Auger ($28), channel locks, tupperware container, towel, and 30-60 minutes. Check out my step-by-step video by visiting
This tutorial will solve 99% of your clogs and you're always welcome to ask me questions.
What plumbing task would you like to tackle but haven't gotten around to yet?
Let me know and please share why so that I and the other Hometalkers can help you :)
Thanks as always for your feedback and wonderful comments!!
How to Unclog Like a Pro
Start by removing the P-Trap.
Unscrew the pop-up stopper's rod.
Use a $3 Zip It to remove debris from the sink drain.
Use the Zip It and make sure a tupperware container is under the drain to catch debris.
Use a $28 drain auger for more difficult clogs.
The auger should be fed into the pipe that is in your wall. Obstructions can be removed by rotating the auger.
Run paper towels through all the pipes you removed to make them clean again.
Put your pipes back together by starting with the "Goose Neck".
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    Why did you apply for a plumbing heating- cooling profession-related scholarship

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  • Mgu1266303 Mgu1266303 on Mar 19, 2015
    How much baking soda do you use to pour down the sink and for how long do you let it sit before pouring in the vinegar. Plus how much vinegar to you use?

  • Pizzchzz Pizzchzz on Jul 12, 2018

    Thank you for the very helpful post.