How do clean your clogged sink with baking soda and vinegar?

by Kate
  4 answers
  • DesertRose DesertRose on Jan 19, 2019

    Pour a small box of baking soda in the sink, then a cup of vinegar. It will foam up and often clean a clogged drain. Hope it works, Kate.

  • Nadine Morgan Nadine Morgan on Jan 19, 2019

    Pour them both down in the sink along with salt.. With hot water and let it run for 15 or 20 minutes this will keep it unclogged.

  • Karolyn Slader Karolyn Slader on Jan 19, 2019

    turn off put a broom down and turn it around then you will need to reset it ; read instructions. Then use cheap cleanser and ice cubes. Do not put potatoe peels, egg shells, grease, or flour down any garbage disposal. If you have an area that has weeds pour your grease there and put the rest into your soil except the potato peels.

  • Kate Kate on Jan 19, 2019

    Thank you all for this information.