Asked on Jan 20, 2015

Help! I need a plan to prevent damage from a leaky sink sprayer

Mary Tonningsen
by Mary Tonningsen
I've got one of those kitchen faucet setups where there is a sprayer off to the side of the faucet that you can use to spray your dishes/sink. Well, occasionally - despite being careful - water gets in to the hole that houses the sprayer and drips straight down or else it runs down the hose and drips. The result is dampness, mold, and a mess (discovered when the swelling of the particle board under the sink got so bad that it spread over to under the drawer area and I couldn't open up the bottom drawer). The damage is fixed, now I need to find a way to #1 - keep the water from going down there or #2 - make sure it doesn't cause more damage. Right now I've got a cookie sheet under there, since the water goes in such a large area (rolling down that hose, it lands in various places). Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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  • Luis Luis on Jan 20, 2015
    You can always replace just the sprayer part they sell them at Home Depot and they are not expensive at all

  • Nelda Nelda on Jan 20, 2015
    Yes, Just replace the sprayer.

  • Debbie Bledsoe Debbie Bledsoe on Jan 20, 2015
    Call the manufacturer and see if they will send you a new sprayer. I am sure you are not the only one with this problem. :)

  • Leslie L Leslie L on Jan 20, 2015
    Replace the sprayer. They range in price at Home Depot and Lowes from $8.00 - $50+. I just put one in for $22.00.

  • Becky Shell Becky Shell on Jan 20, 2015
    I saw a pin on pinterest to put peel and stick tiles under sink, I did it and love it works so much better than shelf liner and has a neat look.It was pretty easy to do except for cutting around pipes, I would replace sprayer if broken then floor tiles would catch an stray drips.

  • Leneadeede Leneadeede on Jan 20, 2015
    I have used a scrap of sheet vinyl to fix the very same problem. I used metal vinyl trim to hold the edges down and glued the vinyl in place. Then I caulked all of the edges of the vinyl and trim. I never had another problem with damage.

  • Mary Tonningsen Mary Tonningsen on Jan 21, 2015
    Thanks everyone for your suggestions! I knew I came to the right place to get ideas! The problem isn't the sprayer - it's not leaking at all, so doesn't need replacement. It's water that gets into the hole that the sprayer sets in. The water comes from my hands, or from over-spray, or from when I'm rinsing around the sink and it gets into the hole. I think what might work best is the idea from @Becky Shell and @leneadeede to use sheet vinyl tacked down and caulking around the edges. Then I'll still need to find something to catch the water than drips, just so that moisture doesn't sit there and run the risk of mildew on the vinyl floor. But at least it won't go into the wood floor of the cabinet. Thanks again everyone!

    • Denise Kramme Denise Kramme on Jan 21, 2015
      @Mary Tonningsen Maybe a bucket or small waste can that the hose would drop into when stored so that the water running down would all go in?

  • Mary Tonningsen Mary Tonningsen on Jan 22, 2015
    Thank you - If I get a tall basket, that way it would take up less 'floor' space than the cookie sheet I have there now and that would make me happier. :) Good idea, @Denise!

  • ..I would suggest going to the hardware store, sounds like it maybe needs a rubber seal...for between the sink and the sprayer housing. You have to unscrew from the bottom of the sink ( the sprayer) and then unhook the sprayer from the valve part. Install the gasket ( the rubber seal) and reconnect everything. I am hoping this helps your issue. :)

    • Mary Tonningsen Mary Tonningsen on Jan 25, 2015
      @Shelby @ The Weathered Barn Studio Thanks for that idea - It never occurred to me that maybe there should be a seal there! I'll check it out!

  • Youre welcome ! Please keep us posted if that helps...if not, may be its another issue, and can play " elimination'.lol. :)

    • Mary Tonningsen Mary Tonningsen on Jan 25, 2015
      @Shelby @ The Weathered Barn Studio - will do! It may not be immediately. I've been sick with a virus since right after Xmas, so getting to the hardware store might take another week or so... but your idea makes a lot of sense to me! I bet there's a part missing. My ex-boyfriend (notice the 'ex' part) installed it. He's the same guy who installed the bathroom faucet and mixed up the hot and cold noses, and hooked 'em up so tight no one can unhook them.... I'll spend the rest of my life with them wrong! LOL!