Tips for Leaking basement repair?

by Rle27734398
Over the years I have hired several companies, contractors and spent thousands of dollars to solve the water leaking in my basement. We live in a ranch style house with a full unfinished basement. The basement is used for storage and the disabled young man we care for uses it for his man cave. We also care for other children off and on when needed. Really the teenagers we some times care for, just need the basement space to play music and play games on the computer because our house is too congested for them to play in the main part of the house. The house is only 900 square feet, so it is easy to see why the basement space is really needed.

The water in the basement problem has improved, but when we get heavy sustained rains the water seep in my basement. The water seem to becoming in from one to two areas only. I do not have a water pump and was told twice by professionals that it is not needed.
The city has had a problem with the sewer system but they have already updated the system in my area.
We are elderly on a fixed income. We don't have money to hire anyone now. So our only solution is dYI. Besides the additional space needed, my young niece that we care for has asthma and sinus problems. Also my COPD respiratory health due to allergies is jeopardized by any mold. For that reason alone I must keep the basement completely dry. Please help with any advice you can give. Thank you.

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  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Jun 22, 2018
    Have you called in a Plumber to search for where water is coming from and then fix it? If so, sounds as if you may have a natural spring under your property and that would need further investigations and solutions.

    • Rle27734398 Rle27734398 on Jul 13, 2018
      No. I hired two different professional companpies in the past that promised to fix the problem. One was a foundation repair company, the other company referred to us by a neighbor that had their problem resolved.. However, the problem, even though better, still remains. Paid over $20,000 between the two. Now we no longer have money. Thanks.
      After thinking about what you are suggesting I think it is a good idea. I pray it is not a natural spring. Thanks.

  • Mary Mary on Jun 23, 2018
    I have what is referred to as a "beaver dam" system. Go here to see the product that you can buy online and install yourself.

    (they have a big ad in the Handy Man magazine

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    • Mary Mary on Jul 13, 2018
      I forgot to mention that I've had the Beaver Damn system for almost 25 years now. The company that did mine had a 25 year warranty, and I did have to call them back about 6 years ago, as a small stream of water started coming out under a section of the Dam. They came to the house, removed the paint on the floor near the leak, resealed with a strong glue substance where the Dam touched the floor, and I've not had any more leaks since then. I've read that it's best not to have a painted cement floor. The fellow that came out, said that their company no longer sells the Beaver Damn system, and now they jack hammer the tiles all around the inside of the basement, and then put in a system that is under ground. I'm glad I got the Beaver Damn system, because here in Minnesota, when water gets under cement, it lifts the cement in the winter... I would not want their new system under my basement floor rising up in the winter and going down in the spring. I hope you asked the plumber for a FREE ESTIMATE. Some will give you a free estimate, but some will charge up to $75 per hour in my area, just to knock on your door! Good luck to you! 8-)

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Jul 13, 2018
    Hello again, Do you have Buildings Insurance for your property, If so go to the insurance Company without delay! Good luck!