Six Pros and Cons of Filtering Your Water

Kara Masterson
by Kara Masterson
Whole house water filters are installed by placing a filter system in the main water supply of your house and causing all water running into the house to go through the filter. A whole house water filter essentially cuts out the need for other types of filters or buying bottled water. To see if a whole house water filter is right for you, check out the following pros and cons of this type of filter.
Pros of Whole House Filters

1. Whole house filters remove things like chlorine and rust from your water, which can contaminate your clothes, dry out your hair and in the case of chlorine, be inhaled in a hot shower. Chlorine absorption is considered more dangerous than drinking it. “Chemicals in your water may not pose a health risk, but they definitely can cause plumbing damage,” explains Mark Johnson, who specializes in septic tank service Ruston You will have pure water for everything, whether drinking, cooking, washing or bathing.

2. A whole house filter eliminates the need to have multiple filters throughout the house. You can rest assured that all of the water is being filtered. A comprehensive water filter could actually cost less in the long run, when you stop buying bottled water or multiple filters for showers, faucets or water pitchers.

3. Maintenance is usually minimal on a whole house filtration system. Filters usually only have to be replaced once a year if the right type is installed.
Cons of Whole House Filters

1. Cost is probably the biggest factor in considering a whole house system. The system and installation can cost up to $800.Whole house filters are not DIY jobs, a professional is needed to cut into your house's main water supply.

2. It is important to get the correct filter capacity. The average house needs to filter 10 to 40 gallons per minute. A smaller filter will clog faster.

3. It is also important to get your tap water analyzed before considering a whole house filter. That way you know what conditions you have and are trying to remove. Research and education are a must for this type of filter.

Buying a whole house filter can definitely have positive long-term effects in most cases. However, the cost might be the biggest issue to overcome and you should compare it to the amount you spend now on alternative filter equipment.
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  • Michael_j_hiatt Michael_j_hiatt on Mar 10, 2021

    Pretty interesting information! I have kids too and they complain about the bad smell in the shower. Turns out it started smelling like chlorine!!! Took me a very long time to resolve this issue because I have a filter system in my basement and I didn't think the water would stink. But I had to buy a shower filter to avoid the bad smell. It's been a year now and the filter did a great job and lived up to my expectations!