This easy Valentine’s day mantle display

Buy some red LED candles, add some themed decals and sprinkle with dollar store heart gems. Get tutorial here

This steampunk inspired luminary

Find some salvaged light cages, line with music sheets & insert LED candles for this rustic look. Get tutorial here

This fabulous fall light centerpiece

Wrap various colors of yarn around LED candles from Target to copy this quaint living room idea. Get tutorial here

This rustic looking wall sconce

Use a picture frame & a wooden slab to adhere to the wall. Place a birch bark LED candle. Get tutorial here

This lush golden nugget lighting idea

Paste gravel pebbles over inexpensive vases then spray paint them gold & place the LED lights. Get tutorial here

This stunning crystal ice votive

Super glue transparent rocks to a fishbowl glass and add an LED light. SO breathtaking. Get tutorial here

This tuna can tea light hangers

Cut up and wash old tuna cans, cover in contact paper or washi tape then add an electric tea light. Get tutorial here

This patio gem light jar

Brighten up your patio by gluing dollar store gems to jars and adding LED candles. Get tutorial here

This lovely Valentine’s day votive

Decoupage tissue paper to baby food jars in bright colors & add electric tea lights. Get tutorial here

This coastal themed row of lights

Add some ambiance without the danger by using ceramic holders, a wire basket and LED candles in your hall. Get tutorial here

This tea cup & saucer luminary

Glue a cup to a saucer then mount with a simple bracket or a plastic command hook. Get tutorial here