How do I stop moisture from forming on the inside of windows?

by Ron

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  • Dee Dee on Jan 04, 2019

    If it is a double pane window the seal is likely broken.

    .In a double-paned window, silica pellets inside the aluminum perimeter strip absorb moisture from any incoming air that enters the space between the panes.

  • Oliva Oliva on Jan 04, 2019

    Hi, Ron,

    Check your home's humidity readings. It's most likely higher than the 40% recommended for home interiors. Asjust your humidistat on your furnace (if you have this) or run a dehumidifier set no higher than 40% until the humidity disappears.

    Run kitchen exhausts anytime youlre cooking or baking.

    Run bath fans during baths, showers, and for at least 20 min. after showers.

    Wipe dry all shower walls and ceilings, and all fixtures.

    Launder all bath linens at least 2x/wekk if humidity continues to be a problem. Your goal is to reduce as much humidity as possible.

    Use a water resistent shower curtain liner, rather than plastic.

    Keep potted plants away from windows, where possible, as they contribute to humidity.

    Don't launder fabrics with fabric softeners, because they impede absorption.

  • William William on Jan 04, 2019

    Inside double pane glass windows? Or on the inside of the home.

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Jan 04, 2019

    Wipe them with towels so they are dry and don't get damaged, get dehumidifier,provide more air flow,sometimes adding plastic window covering inside with 1-2"gap between plastic and window keeps hot air from inside & cold air from outside creating moisture/condensation on window. Sometimes it doesn't work and then you cannot get to window to dry it up at all. What kind of windows metal,vinyl,wood? are they single pane or dbl pane is moisture on inside of window in house or between the dbl panes of glass inside window?

  • DD DD on Jan 04, 2019

    Hi Ron Hope one of these solutions will help