Paint over your outdated brass knobs

Give them a whole new look with some spray paint and a metallic finish. Get tutorial here

Quiet down your squeaky doors

If you hate a squeaky door as much as we do, check out this tutorial that you can do in 10 minutes. Get tutorial here

Replace your door’s broken threshold

It’s such a little thing that makes a huge difference. Get tutorial here

Turn your hinged door into a sliding one

Add some wheels and stop trying to force your hinged door open every morning. Get tutorial here

Attach a screen door for your front entrance

It’s amazing how much air you get from a screen door, and they’re so simple to add to your home. Get tutorial here

Replace a rotted door jab

You don’t have to get rid of your entire door if the jab has rotted away, there’s an easy way to fix that. Get tutorial here

Paint your door knob for an easy update

A new color give your door and entrance instant curb appeal. Get tutorial here

Or replace your door knob for a new look

Granted, the tutorial is for room doors, but you can also apply it to your front door. Get tutorial here