Reusable Glass Jack O' Lanterns for Home or Porch Decorations

by Angela
Use inexpensive glass light globes to create these gorgeous halloween decorations. We used ours for hanging decorations on the porch, but you could stack them in a wooden wheel barrow or gorgeous hay bale set up for a really pretty and long-lasting home decor DIY.
Create glowing Halloween decorations in a gorgeous grouping or hang them for lit-up porch decorations. LED lights means no candle mess or need to replace lights on a frequent basis.
Using duct tape and an Exacto knife to create the face pieces on the glass globes. Super simple - the kids put in their opinions on design of the face pieces and I did the cutting (Exacto knives are SHARP).
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  • Henri001 Henri001 on Oct 08, 2019

    Oh my gosh!! These are just so darned cute!!!!!!  them to bits! I have 5 or 6 globes just collecting dust in my crafts room, now I know what to do with them!! Thank you so much for sharing!!