These snowy hurricane candles

Stick a winter scene onto hurricane glasses before attaching them to candlesticks for the perfect, winter candleholders. Get tutorial here

Her wintry pinecone ball

Glue pinecones and pine needles to a large styrofoam ball, and then hang it on your front door or wall. Get tutorial here

These twinkling branch lights

Grab some branches from your yard to create a gold tree with twinkling fairy lights. Get tutorial here

These woodsy birch bark candles

Create a warm, woodsy vibe in your home with beautifully painted battery-operated candles. Get tutorial here

A buffalo plaid burlap wreath

Bunch up pieces of burlap, and attach them to a wreath form to create a stylish holiday decoration. Get tutorial here

Her cozy sweater vases

Cut off the sleeves of old sweaters, and pull them over your glass vases for a cozy way to display your greenery this season. Get tutorial here

A beautiful book wall

Attach open books and pretty greenery to a wooden board to create a beautiful book wall with a winter vibe. Get tutorial here

These adorable snowball candles

Apply clumpy white wax to round candles, and then display them in your home for a super cute way to add a winter touch to your space. Get tutorial here

This charming star candleholder

Put together a sweet wooden star, and then fill it with moss and candles for a charming candleholder. Get tutorial here

This fluffy snowman wreath

Make fluffy white pom-pom snowmen with rainbow scarves, and attach them to a metal hoop before hanging it on your front door. Get tutorial here