This cozy carpeted floor

Place adhesive carpet tiles over your hardwood floor to transform your room into a cozy, padded haven. Get tutorial here

Their beautiful open kitchen shelves

Make your kitchen look and feel bigger with beautiful open shelving. Get tutorial here

A chic stone accent wall

Cover your dining room wall in stone to add a chic vibe to your space. Get tutorial here

Her warm wood plank wall

Stick wooden planks to your wall to bring warmth and character to your room. Get tutorial here

Her unique brown paper flooring

Give your floor a simple makeover using wrinkled brown paper and glue to add texture to your home. Get tutorial here

A beautiful, modern staircase

Attach a patterned runner to your perfectly stained treads to completely transform your staircase. Get tutorial here

This gorgeous brick fireplace

Update your brick fireplace in just one hour with a lovely whitewash makeover for stunning results. Get tutorial here

Her funky stenciled floor

Fill your bathroom with personality with a funky stenciled floor. Get tutorial here

These beautifully stenciled tiles

Decorate your tiled floor with a beautiful stencil pattern to transform your outdated bathroom. Get tutorial here

Her gorgeous faux brick backsplash

Add a farmhouse vibe to your kitchen with a gorgeous faux brick backsplash. Get tutorial here