Create an indoor growing room for plants

If you live in a small apartment lacking greenery around you, you’ll love this idea. Create an indoor growing room for your plants. Line the inside of a cardboard box with tin foil to help light reflect off of all the sides. The foil will also help your box be more waterproof, so you can add extra layers on the seams to prevent water from getting underneath the foil. Then, add LED lights and your plants, and get growing! Get tutorial here

Clean your silver

Tarnished silver isn’t the best look, but it’s so simple to clean it. Just place a large piece of tin foil at the bottom of a pot, fill it with water and baking soda, and then bring it to a boil. Drop your silver into the boiling water for 10-30 seconds, and pull it out to watch the tarnish disappear before your eyes. Get tutorial here

Make stylish textured coasters

Rest your drinks in style on these cool coasters. To make them, start by cutting circles of aluminum foil. Crumple and uncrumple the foil without smoothing it out to get creases in it for added visual texture. Then, mix and color epoxy resin before pouring it into the coaster molds. Press the foil circles into the resin, making sure they’re fully covered. Let them sit for 12 hours, and pop them out for super cute and stylish coasters for your coffee table. Get tutorial here

Speed up ironing

After you’ve tackled your mountain of laundry, there’s always that one despised step left to conquer before you could hang your clothes in your closet: ironing. If you’re in a hurry or simply don’t have the time, you end up pushing off this task until it becomes nearly insurmountable. However, with a handy hack, this time-consuming chore can be completed quickly and efficiently. All you need is aluminum foil. Put some foil on the ironing board before setting your shirt down on it. This will reflect the iron’s heat back into the shirt instead of heating the board itself, so your clothes become wrinkle-free much faster. Get tutorial here

Remove rust from chrome

Rust is surprisingly a lot easier to remove than you’d think. All you have to do is ball up a piece of aluminum foil, dip it into soapy water, and scrub down any rusty areas on your chrome furniture. That’s all there is to it, and you’ll be left with a shiny piece that looks like new. It’s really that easy! Get tutorial here

Scrub your oven door

Cleaning your oven glass can be a royal pain since regular glass cleaner doesn’t break down the debris on its own. With this hack, you could get your oven door clean in minutes. You just need some baking soda, aluminum foil, hot water, and microfiber clothes, all of which you likely already have in your home. Sprinkle the baking soda onto the glass, and pour the boiling water on top. Ball up some foil to be used as your scrubbing sponge, and move it in circular motions to remove the grime. The baking soda will react with the foil to break down the caked-on debris. Then just wipe off the whole mess, leaving your door shiny and clean. Get tutorial here

Sharpen your scissors

Scissors are equally as useful in the kitchen as they are in the craft room. Because they see so much action, they often become dull and ineffective quite quickly. But don't fret! Just fold up 6-8 layers of aluminum foil, and make a few cuts with your dull blades to leave them super sharp in no time. Get tutorial here

Cover an ugly wall

Do you have old, ugly wallpaper that you want to cover up? Consider using aluminum foil to create a subtle sheen and vintage appeal. It’s both unique and cost-effective and will look super cool. Simply apply the foil on your wall with wallpaper paste, smoothing it out along the way. If you like the subtle textured look, wrinkle the foil a bit before putting it up. The final results will look awesome, and you’ll be sure to receive tons of compliments on it. Get tutorial here

Clean your rusty tools

Tools get rusty sometimes, and it’d be such a waste to throw them out and buy new ones every time that happens. This solution naturally cleans off mild rust without harming the environment. All you need is some foil and white vinegar. Scrunch the foil into a ball and dip it into the vinegar. Firmly rub the foil on the affected areas, and rinse as you scrub to track your progress. You’ll be able to see instant results, and your tools will be salvaged. Get tutorial here

Make shiny geometric artwork

Did you know that you could get gold tin foil? It’s amazing, and you could make pretty art with it. For this project, get a piece of birch plywood, and stain it in the color of your choice. Cut out geometric shapes from cardstock and wrap them in the foil. Lay out the pieces on the wooden board in the shape of a diamond, and glue them down. Then, attach a frame hanger to the back so you could display your beautiful piece of art anywhere in your home. Get tutorial here