Craft a sunburst mirror with paint sticks & driftwood

Flip over a small mirror and attach paint sticks all around with glue. Add driftwood pieces on the top & a piece of rope around the mirrors edge to finish. Get tutorial here

Create mini decorative balls from toilet paper rolls

Cut, paint and embellish toilet paper rolls to create little decorative balls. Use twine, moss, ribbons or any embelishment you want to match your decor. Get tutorial here

Make abstract art using fruits & vegetables as stamps

Create abstract art for your kitchen using cut fruits & vegetables as stamps. Use: Pears, apples, beet root, lemons & more. Dip in paint and create yours. Get tutorial here

Use non flammable glue to make pretty luminaries

Make these luminaries in just a few steps with minimal supplies: Non-flammable wood glue, a melamine tray and food coloring. Get tutorial here

Make marbled decor with leftover nailpolish

Pour nailpolish into a disposable pan with water, stir with skewer and dip the bottoms of glass cups. You can also use watercolor paper to make a print and frame. Get tutorial here

Upcyle book pages to make a flower wreath

Use cardboard as a base. Attach rolled book pages in rows using a glue gun. Follow the detailed tutorial to get this one right! Get tutorial here

Turn a beer can into a paint brush holder

A simple and quick upcyle! Carefully remove the top of a beer bottle with a can opener, eliminate sharp edges with a kitchen knife handle. Get tutorial here

Personalize mugs in 3 ways

Makeover mugs in 3 ways using simple supplies. A kid-friendly DIY! Try a glittered mug, a nail polished marble mug or a 'morning' coffee mug. Get tutorial here

DIY a light fixture using craft straws

Follow 7 easy steps and a helpful video tutorial to make a beautiful geometric pendant light. All you need is: Craft straws, spray paint and wire. Get tutorial here

Use old jeans to make a woven basket

Some basic sewing skills are needed for this DIY. Cut up jeans into strips, sew base & weave until size you want for base. Tie knots to finish it off. Get tutorial here