Boost your plants with molasses and tea

Combine green tea, Epsom salt, molasses, and a few other ingredients to keep your vegetable plants healthy and growing. Get tutorial here

Feed your plants banana smoothies

Blend banana peels to give your outdoor plants a potassium-filled boost. Get tutorial here

Grow your plants with yeast

Use yeast fertilizer in your indoor and outdoor plants to keep them happy and healthy. Get tutorial here

Salt your vegetable plants

Give your plants a boost while keeping pests away with Epsom salt. Get tutorial here

Create a compost tea

Apply a mixture of water and compost to your plants to give them more energy to grow and thrive. Get tutorial here

Make a compost from weeds

Ensure that you get nutrient-dense vegetables for your table by creating a liquid compost from weeds. Get tutorial here

Stick tea bags in your planters

Put used black tea bags in your planter pots and cover them with dirt to add nutrients to your plants. Get tutorial here

Spray a chemical-free fertilizer

Keep your plants green and healthy without using harmful chemicals. Get tutorial here

Nourish your plants with compost

Layer worm compost and regular compost to naturally nourish your indoor garden. Get tutorial here

Fertilize your garden with vegetable peels

Blend vegetable peels, and then spread the mixture outside where it’ll break down quickly without smelling. Get tutorial here