These little colorful eggshell planters

Add some shine to your eggshells with metallic craft paint for elegant little planters. Get tutorial here

This gorgeous, lush drawer planter

Upcycle a drawer to create a beautiful, green tabletop garden. Get tutorial here

These personalized homemade Easter baskets

Create your own oval-shaped basket from a string-wrapped balloon. Get tutorial here

This pretty, blooming cabbage arrangement

Display your floral arrangement in a cabbage for a unique centerpiece for your Easter table. Get tutorial here

This delicious-looking faux candy centerpiece

Make your mouth water with a truly delicious-looking centerpiece that will not add any calories to your holiday. Get tutorial here

These cute, vintage silverware holders

Repurpose vintage linen towels with Swedish huck stitching to make pretty silverware holders. Get tutorial here

A cement Easter egg dish

Mold a cement Easter egg dish using cheap, oversized plastic eggs to store candy or to simply put it on display. Get tutorial here

These giant eggshell candleholders

Create giant eggshell-shaped bowls from plastered bandages, and then decorate them to your heart’s content. Get tutorial here

A pretty three-tiered centerpiece

Assemble a three-tiered tower from round pie pans, and add fake grass and chocolate eggs for a pretty centerpiece for your table. Get tutorial here

These sweet, decorated napkins

Add some charm to your tabletop with these sweet decorated napkins. Get tutorial here