Revamp any room with a color block wall arch

The arch gives this modern method a quaint, classic touch. Get tutorial here

Make a faux clay vase out of pancake mix

The final product looks good enough to eat! Get tutorial here

Dip plates in spray paint for a marble look

Mix and match sizes for a jaw-dropping abstract art installation on your wall.  Get tutorial here

Get that wallpaper look for next to nothing

Decorate your walls with whatever pattern you want using this DIY faux wallpaper trick. Get tutorial here

Turn a clay pot into a faux antique statement

Fill it with wheat sheaves or dried flowers for a gentle, natural touch. Get tutorial here

Swirl paint to create a mesmerizing look

Use it for old jars, canvases, vases, or anything you want to look spectacular! Get tutorial here

Get show-stopping furniture by blending paint

You just have to push past the ugly phase to get to the soft and dreamy cotton-candy-esque final product. Get tutorial here

Revive old art with this paint dip technique

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