Topsy Turvy Planter

Make a cute topsy turvy planter with stacked terra cotta pots! Get tutorial here

Shower Curtain Table

Grab a shower curtain for this gorgeous table flip! Get tutorial here

Tile Upcycles

Upcycle cheap tiles to fit the theme of your space! Get tutorial here

Napkin Decoupaged Chair

Give your old chair new life with napkins! Get tutorial here

Brown Paper Flooring Vs. Bamboo Flooring

Cover your floors with brown paper for a new look! Get tutorial here

Crate Bench Upcycle

Grab 2 crates and some paper napkins for this stunning technique! Get tutorial here

Fabric Glass Plates

Transform plain glass or plastic plates into a dazzling centerpiece or wall hanging Get tutorial here

Warm + Cozy Blanket Bench Storage

Cuddle up for winter with this warm + cozy blanket bench storage upcycle! Get tutorial here