Put together a lovely pea gravel walkway

Remove your old walkway and create a lovely new one with square-shaped stepping stones and pea gravel lined in wood. Get tutorial here

Mold super cute stepping stones

Design button-shaped stepping stones for a fun way to add color to your yard. Get tutorial here

Improve your pathway with gravel and edging

Avoid puddles of water and muddy feet with a gravel pathway lined with rubber edging. Get tutorial here

Replace ugly concrete with pretty stones

Create an intricate stone mosaic pathway for your front garden complete with rock flowers. Get tutorial here

Line it with a beautiful butterfly garden

Utilize neglected space in your side yard with a path and beautiful butterfly garden. Get tutorial here

Lay stones amongst river pebbles

Create a stone farmhouse walkway with river pebbles and Belgian block edging. Get tutorial here

Get a real fieldstone look using concrete

Mold colored concrete into the shape of natural stones and use a plastic bag to achieve a stone-like texture. Get tutorial here

DIY a flagstone path in your garden

Set flagstones in wet cement to make a lovely path in your garden. Get tutorial here

Build a wooden boardwalk

Mimic a beach boardwalk right in your own backyard with planks of wood. Get tutorial here

Paint pretty stepping stones

Decorate stepping stones for your garden pathway with cute designs to add a fun pop of color. Get tutorial here

Mow your lawn around it without a problem

Protect your lawn from extra wear and tear with simple concrete stepping stones that won’t interfere with your lawnmower. Get tutorial here

Place an adorable bridge over your path

Gather bricks and stones of different shapes and sizes to go in your path area, and then add an adorable metal bridge crossing over it. Get tutorial here

Mold cement for a cobblestone look

Use a cobblestone mold to create a country stone pattern on your walkway. Get tutorial here